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Erika Kitamura

Graphic Designer in Nantes France

Freelance Graphic Designer based in Nantes, France.
Graduated in Product Design in 2012 and the Master of Visual Communication in 2014.
I'm passionate about Paper Art and the poetic universe of creation.
My specialities are Ecological and Innovative Packaging, Illustration, Photography, Visual Identity, and Creative Workshop.

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Invisible Bonds

@ VOL 9 ON DEC 02, 2014

Our daily life is made of invisible, spiritual and sacred bonds.
Erika Kitamura asked: "How can we find these joints and make them visible?"
In her project, she tries to organize and to reunite every little invisible thing to create what we might call "the sacred routes", which animate and form our life.
Here, you will discover 3 of her 40 traditional-innovative applications created to reveal the inner journey that shows our intimate relationship with people and the environment. {in French}

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Nantes @ ENSA
Dec 02, 2014