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Emmett Soldati

Teatotaller, Tea Totaller Tea House in Somersworth United States

Born and raised in Somersworth NH, Emmett Soldati is a small business owner, activist, and occasional provocateur. A graduate of the London School of Economics, Emmett spent the last decade working to connect and uplift the community he knows and loves - his hometown. 7 years ago, Emmett founded Teatotaller - a cafe, bakery, and restaurant, that has blossomed into a hub of LGBTQ+ programming, community gatherings, and social justice activism. When he isn't blending teas, pouring latte art, or laminating puff pastry, he works for an international non-profit, FarmersFirst:Africa, to support climate knowledge and food security for subsistence farmers throughout central Africa. He is the vice-chair of seacoast area nonprofit, Arts in Reach, and the chair of the Somersworth Democrats.

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Emmett Soldati is a small business owner, activist, and occasional provocateur. Emmett Soldati is the founder of TeaTotaller and explains how his love for the town of Somersworth, NH helped him find his passion in life. It also brought attention to this little known NH town. Very entertaining.