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Emma Whettingsteel

PhD Student , Curtin University in Perth Australia

Emma is a graduate of interior architecture at Curtin University, where she is now a PhD candidate and sessional academic. Her PhD investigates how interior architecture can increase a sense of belonging for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women attending boarding schools in Western Australia. She is interested in high density student accommodation and the ways in which it can be designed to reduce social isolation and increase a sense of belonging for students while away from home. She has previously worked as an interior designer, in student accommodation, and in youth work. Emma has also contributed to research projects relating to sustainable construction, digital storytelling, and models for higher education based on an Indigenous worldview.

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Designing Belonging

@ VOL 24 ON MAY 16, 2019

Emma Whettingsteel talks about her PhD research on:

How can interior design increase sense of belonging for aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women living in Western Australian boarding schools?

(Student at Curtin University)

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Perth @ Locally Crafted
May 16, 2019