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Emily Kobza

Emily Kobza has a very long job title with Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo. She likes to think of herself as a matchmaker – connecting people and organizations who want to invest in kids and their success with the right opportunity. She is excited and honored to be part of something as creative and groundbreaking as Pecha Kucha as she would not describe herself with either of those words.

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Removing Barriers and Igniting Hope!

@ VOL 1 ON JUN 29, 2017

Emily Kobza, CIS Director of Development + Business Engagement : Every day, kids in our community face barriers that threaten to derail them from success. Working with school staff, hundreds of volunteers, and dozens of community partners, Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo is in schools to ignite hope in students. How? By bringing the community and all the ways it can help to where kids are – the school – so they can graduate and be prepared for life.

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Kalamazoo @ Cityscape Events
Jun 29, 2017