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Emily Kastner

Writer-Illustrator in Kalamazoo, MI United States

With a passion for curiosity, community and art, Emily is an writer-illustrator, contributing to Gather Journal, Bravery Magazine and Kinfolk. As co-founder and Executive Director of Read And Write Kalamazoo, Emily spends her days growing the youth/educator/family-serving literacy organization who recently launched a new storefront/writing center location. Co-owner of the Reality Factory and Factory Coffee, partners in every way with her husband, Dan, and mom of three. Forever seeking balance and laughter, passionate about storytelling, and is probably tired right now.

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Creative Vision, Creative Voice

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 25, 2018

Emily Kastner invites us to join her in her experiences and passions as she encourages young kids in embracing their creative voice. 

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Kalamazoo @ Farmers Alley Theater
Jan 25, 2018