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Elizabeth Burns Gamard

in New Orleans United States

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Romanticism and the Production of War [Stations of the Cross]

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 20, 2013

The immersive, oceanic vision of life when “the Center cannot Hold and ‘things fall apart’ (Yeats, “The Second Coming”)…and: aren’t we still trying (again Yeats) to search for the peace that seems removed from this world, “…lurching towards the Holy Land, for are we not still fighting for our gods or God?”  Romanticism attempts to capitalize on this loss, what the Germans call Sehnsucht or ‘longing’…the beginnings that Hesiod suggest are on the horizon, though we cannot see through ‘the fog of war’ (as Clausewitz talked about).  We are a history of all peoples in pursuit of infinite longing, the horizons of our life and our peoples: that is the shorthand of Romanticism’s project, borne in Germany and shed for ill-purpose, despite its promise within its nascent state.

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New Orleans @ The Foundation Gallery and Absinthe Minded Boutique
Sep 20, 2013