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Eleanor Chow Waterfall

in Vancouver Canada

Eleanor Waterfall is chef and owner of Cadeaux Bakery, she brings over 18 years of pastry/baking experience, having worked in some of Vancouver’s top restaurants including Lumiere, Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar, and Chambar Belgian Restaurant. In 2012 Eleanor became a mom and now has 2 little ones at home. Managing work life and mom life is where it’s at right now.

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From Table to Farm

@ VOL 47 ON NOV 29, 2018

Eleanor Chow Waterfall will be speaking about her upbringing and living in a small farming community. There will be a brief glimpse into her work as a pastry chef and about opening a business then a bit about how starting a family and working in the food industry has brought her back to the farm she grew up on.