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陈晓蔚 Eileen Chan

Fashion Designer in HongKong China

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The Yesterdayskin

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

她带来的演讲通过自我的介绍还有她那些有故事的东西,来利用vintage衣服,透過自己的篩選,收集和改造,重新製成有生命力的系列。随后她会介绍他们 这个 vintage 改造的品牌 “The Yesterdayskin”。品牌旨在以現代的角度來詮譯 vintage,使它們能透過篩選,收集和改造,重新成為有生命力的系列。同时还希望除時裝以外, The Yesterdayskin 也常與不同的機構及創意單位合作,參與不同媒介的創作,發掘更多可能性。

Eileen's speech was about these commun objects that have their own histories. She loves to collect vintage clothes and retouch them. She brings to each of them a new and creative life. Then, she introduced her company called “The Yesterdayskin” which is tend to revisit "vintage" from a modern point of view. The Yesterdayskin is not only a fashion design company but it develops also cooperation with many associations and creative group. They are always looking for new possibility and media to do creative things.