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Edgardo Mansilla

Executive Director, Americana Community Center in Louisville United States

Edgardo is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina; he came to Louisville in August 1990 on a scholarship to study social work. He is a social worker, the Executive Director of the Americana Community Center, and a part time professor at the University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work and at Bellarmine University.
He holds a master’s degree in social work from the Carver School of Church Social Work, and a Licentiate in Theology. Furthermore, Edgardo is a Focus Louisville (class 00) graduated, as well as Leadership of Louisville (class 01) Bingham Fellow (class 02) and Neighborhood Leadership (03). He is married to Lisa Hamilton, they live in Louisville and have 4 children.

The Americana Community Center assist participants from 98 countries in building their capacity for success while providing support to their integration into the fabric of our hometown. In 2006 Americana established a 1/5 acre garden where participants from countries such as Bosnia, Congo, and Burma have been growing crops ever since. Watching growers working side by side without a shared language or culture, communicating through their care for the land is an amazing sight. Many of our growers come from parts of the world where subsistence gardening is a way of life. For these members of the community, now resettled in the urban areas of Louisville with little or no green space of their own, the garden at Americana is a resource for improved diet, well-being, a chance to connect within their community, and an opportunity to regain a former way of life.

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Internationals Impact on Farming and Food in Louisville

@ VOL 15 ON APR 14, 2015

Edgardo Mansilla talks about learning different farming techniques and food cultures from the increasing influx of international immigrants to Louisville through Americana Community Center

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Louisville @ ReSurfaced: A Pop-up Plaza on Main
Jun 25, 2015

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Louisville @ Tim Faulkner Gallery
Apr 14, 2015