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Dwika Putra

in Jakarta Indonesia

Dwika is an everyday salary man who has passion for music. The 25-year-old founded AkustikAsik community, as a place for music lovers and acoustic music enthusiast. Dwika is also active as an Master of Ceremony and a bilingual standup comedian. One of his greatest dream is to make AkustikAsik as a solid community and can spread the spirit of acoustic music throughout Indonesia.

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AkustikAsik - Everybody Deserves a Stage

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 23, 2014

Dwika Putra is everyday salary-man who founded AkustikAsik community to express his love for music. He chose 'acoustic performance' concept for its simplicity, and he believes that this community could be the platform for musicians to display their passion and skills. 'Everybody deserves a stage', he said. Music industry is indeed harsh and Dwika shares his experiences going through phases as gig-goers.