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Dr. Sofi Blue

Lecturer, Department of Biology, Primate Behavior and Ecology Program, Central Washington University in Ellensburg United States

I received my M.Sc. here at Central Washington University in the Primate Behavior and Ecology program, and then moved to Japan for 3 years for my PhD at Kyoto University’s Primate Research institute. I now lecture at Central in the Biology and Anthropology departments. I consider myself an international scientist and researcher, and I have conducted research and attended conferences across Asia, Europe, and South America. My research interests include the study of signal systems in non-human animals, particularly vocal communication in non-human primates. My work integrates bioacoustics and cognitive ethology, and I mostly focus on the macaque genus. I participate in an ongoing collaboration with Anhui University and Central Washington University at the Valley of the Wild Monkeys, China where longitudinal data is being collected on a free-ranging troop of Tibetan macaques. In my spare time, I have hosted podcasts on primatology with a focus on conservation issues and interviews with renowned scientists in this field. It is my passion to continue the tradition of communication studies with non-human primates here at Central Washington University, and incorporate a new component, acoustics.

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The Call of the Wild

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 31, 2017

From Ellensburg to China, Sofi Blue has followed the call of the wild, literally studying and following adorable monkeys in their natural habitats and the sounds they make to communicate.

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Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Mar 31, 2017