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Donald Brennan

Former Couturier, The Universe ! in Malaga Spain

After 20 years as a designer in the luxury goods sector, I have taken a sabbatical and returned to my home town to care for my elderly mother. Whilst here I intend to keep up my creative and business interests though not necessarily in the clothing/fashion industry. Where possible I hope to be able to share my somewhat diverse professional experiences with others.

The first signs of my love of all things creative were visible before I had even learnt to walk. Apparently I had more fun with the packaging of my presents at Christmas than with the toys inside.

A little later I was known for 'making things' out of anything I could get my hands on ( I guess I was inspired by 'Blue Peter' ) At the age of 11 I learnt how to use a sewing machine and soon got great pleasure from customising the clothes I bought from Oxam. I was constantly in my Dad's work shed using his wood chisels to carve 'masterpieces' or stripping the plastic off copper wire to make 'exclusive pieces of jewelry'.
Around the same time my love of sculpting and painting along with cooking was added to my need to ' make things' (so nothing much has changed years on !)

Throughout my teenage years and beyond I worked in so many areas from hospitality and luxury retail to marketing and mental health.
Rather than take a traditional route into my most recent career, I went back to university in my early 20's and studied business. Then after a few years in Paris I moved to Ireland and with a fellow designer set-up our design house, Tyrrell & Brennan. For the next 20 years we struggled, grew, learnt and achieved the seemingly impossible at times to finally becoming national leading figures in our field.

Thirty years after I first left, I have returned to St Neots for a while before the next Chapter of my life !

UPDATE: May 2018 and I am 10 months into that new chapter in life. I have moved to Malaga (city, south of Spain) and have no plans to be leaving any time soon !

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What’s So Haute about Haute Couture?

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 23, 2015

In What's So Haute about Haute Couture?Donald Brennan gives us an insight into his international business as a haute couturist working in London, Paris and Dublin and provokes us to think: what constitutes creativity? 

Presented at PechaKucha Night St. Neots Vol. 2

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St Neots @ St Neots Rowing Club
Jun 23, 2015