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Diana Albarran Gonzalez

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Jolobil, Weaving Identities

@ VOL 34 ON MAR 05, 2018

Jolobil means to weave and Diana Albarrán González is exploring textiles as a development strategy in her native Mexico.  The patterns on fabric tell stories about the identity of the weaver. She explores how we are connected to our land and culture through what we wear.

Diana was born and raised in the Mayan land of Chiapas, Mexico, a mestiza with Nahua, Japanese, Spanish and P’urhépecha ancestry. She holds a Master in Design Management from Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Autonomous University of Guadalajara in Mexico, and a Training Diploma in Modern Design and Craftmanship from Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan. She is currently a PhD Candidate at Auckland University of Technology in Aotearoa focusing on ethical and respectful collaborations with indigenous artisanal communities that go beyond economic benefits, and the decolonisation of design and its practitioners.

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Christchurch @ Haeata Community Campus
Mar 05, 2018