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I was born in Troy, Idaho, 1978...a product of two loving hippie parents. I lived in a farm until the age of 4, and then moved to Moscow, Idaho. Shortly thereafter, my father attended university of Idaho undergrad, and the continued onto law school.

I attended Logos Christian School until the age of 13 and then we moved to Asotin, WA. My father joined a family law practice in Lewiston, Idaho.

I grew up with a whole lotta love, never feeling less than or inadequate. My desire for a spiritual experience sprouted at age 7, and I asked my mom about Jesus. We became close...I talked to Him and prayed to Him continually.

I competed in swimming for 5 years, then played volleyball and ran track. I received academic scholarships out if high school, and attended Walla Walla Community College for 2 years, while playing collegiate volleyball.

I was awarded the Duke scholarship for George Fox University, when my 2nd depression returned. Unfortunately, I had to return home, and later that year, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

I almost finished college, but struggles with bipolar impeded that goal. I had a friend who was a wildland firefighter, and this intrigued me. That summer, I applied, and for the next 8 summers, I fought fires in my mind, as well as on the ground.

I have battled mental illness and alcoholism for most of my adult life. I have been hospitalized 3 times, and rehab twice. I often fight the will to live, but I think of my firefighter training and how it prepared me to fight battles of many kinds. Although, I have left the fire world, the memories are very much a part of me.

I would like to finish my BA in psychology and then attend grad school. It is within my heart to help those who suffer from mental illness and help others see that the night is very dark before the dawn, but that light does come.

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Sweet, Fragrant Life

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 19, 2016

Diedre Ater, former firefighter and veteran learns to love herself after the truth about her mood swings are revealed. On a journey of empowerment, exploration and bravery, she is creating her own trail.

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Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Feb 19, 2016