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Debbie Collins

Acupuncturist/Counsellor/Supervisor/Group Facilitator, Self in Leamington Spa United Kingdom

Since 1986 my work has been acupuncture, adding in counselling, group facilitation and eventually supervision. I trained in bereavement awareness over twenty years ago and ever since have been active in working with the taboo on talking about death. I love the ritual and ceremony that brings me closer to the true meaning of life, one that is informed by the reality of my end.

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We need to talk about death

@ VOL 3 ON APR 11, 2019

Debbie Collins’ talk is about the need to talk about death in order to help face our own mortality as a way to engage more deeply with life, balancing deep joy with suffering. 

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Leamington Spa @ Leamington Real Tennis Court Club
Apr 11, 2019