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Davit Ghazaryan

Associate Professor at National Polytechnic University of Armenia in Yerevan Armenia

PhD, Associate professor and Researcher at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies and Electronics, National Polytechnic University of Armenia. Main scientific interests are related to Control and Automation theory, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 3D printing. Author of over 20 scientific papers

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Boosting collaboration between UK and Armenian Universities

@ VOL 30 ON APR 05, 2019

Davit Ghazaryan speaks about the perspectives of collaboration between the Universities of Armenia and the United Kingdom, in particular, the collaboration between the National Polytechnic University of Armenia and the University of Southampton within the framework of Creative Spark initiated by British Council. During the talk, the general overview of all planned activities will be presented.

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Yerevan @ AGBU Armenia
Apr 05, 2019