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David Steele

Wearer of many hats (and helmets), Rocky Mountain Outfitter in Kalispell, MT United States

David Steele is a skier, climber, writer, and lover from Kalispell, Montana. He spends much of his time purveying those activities into middling economic success, but spends the rest of his time doing them for free. He enjoys vegetables, ice cream, dense fog, and choss.

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Closing the Outdoor Knowledge Gap

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

For those who grow up in the outdoors, it comes easy. It is much easier to be a competent skiier, or climber, or adventurer if you come at it from an early age. Yet contrary to popular belief, David Steele shows that old dogs CAN learn new tricks. The great benefit to a person trying something new is people who have been on that path before themselves. David shows that life can be challangeing and exciting for all of us at all stages of the journey, no matter if you are a cohort, a mentor, or an up-and-comer. 

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Kalispell @ Kalispell Brewing Company
Nov 01, 2018