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David Quiring

Photographer, Philosopher, and Host of the Contemplative Creative podcast in Winnipeg Canada

From studying philosophy and astronomy to working as a carpenter and computer scientist, David Quiring’s path into becoming a multimediographer has been a natural extension of his wide range of interests and inquisitive worldview.

Raised at the edge of Winnipeg’s city borders, he grew up appreciating the subtle details of his surroundings, taken in at a human pace, usually from his bicycle. Later, photography became David’s way of sharing his own unique view of the world with others. Curious and watchful, he has developed an eye for capturing the fleeting moments of beauty that we all live for, as it is their very impermanence that drives David to share these stories in the hopes of inspiring contemplation and perspective.

As a travel, adventure, and nature photographer, David embarks on adventures to wild corners of the world with his camera in hand. His photographic collection conveys a deep respect for both the human and natural worlds, and the important intersection between, wherein lies for him the most critical humanitarian discussion of our generation: conservation of the environment.

David is a strong believer and advocate for the survival of longform photographic storytelling, which is reflected in the photoessays that make up his personal portfolio and his ongoing work with others. Through words and imagery, David’s work asks the viewer to slow down and appreciate our constantly changing world and promote dialogue on how we can better take care of it. In a world that seems caught up in quickly consumed imagery, David is mindful of what might be left behind and continues to form his body of work around the tenet of quality over quantity.

The meditative nature of his work has led to one of his most recent projects: Contemplative Creative, an audio podcast that tackles the deeper philosophical issues of living in a dynamic modern world. The goal of the discussion is to uncover insights so that we can each choose to live more intentional lives with meaning. Through the various facets of his work, David hopes to inspire others to consider their thoughts, words, and actions in affecting positive change in the evolving world we share.

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Change of Winds

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 23, 2017

Wake up at dawn, emerge from tent, brew a pot of tea, make breakfast, consult maps and plan, pack up camp, find water, forage for wild edibles, cycle all day ....


Find more water, make camp before dark, wash clothes ... make dinner, make another pot of tea, tie food up in tree, sleep or maybe just pass out.  Repeat until reach destination. 

If that didn't exhaust you just reading it you won't believe the trials and rhythm David Quiring put himself through for an experience.  

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Winnipeg @ The Park Theater and Movie Cafe
Feb 23, 2017