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David Johnson

IT Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Knoxville United States

David, now almost 62, is entering a new chapter in life. It is a big, blank canvas, all at once containing everything and nothing. He sits in hopeful expectation for what might unfold, without having any idea what it might be. John O'Donohue sums it up in his book, Anam Cara:
"Nothingness is the sister of possibility. It makes an urgent space for that which is new, surprising, and unexpected. When you feel nothingness and emptiness gnawing at your life, there is no need to despair. This is a call from your soul, awakening your life to new possibilities"

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In the Quiet: Finding Yourself

@ VOL 30 ON FEB 21, 2019

In October 2018, David Johnson traveled to a monastery, Christ in the Desert, just outside of Abiquiu, New Mexico. There, in this profoundly quiet place, he reflected on his True Identity, using his journal and camera as tools of exploration. Questions abounded. Epiphanies did not. But then, such deep, existential questions rarely yield quick, simple answers.

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Knoxville @ Mill and Mine
Feb 21, 2019