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David Heard

Co-Creator, Tech Bloc in San Antonio United States

David Heard is a corporate software executive and technology activist. He is Chief Marketing Officer for SecureLogix, a cyber-security product company based in San Antonio. Civically, David has been an active tech industry promoter for the past 15+ years. In late 2014, David teamed with Lew Moorman of Rackspace and Lorenzo Gomez of Geekdom to envision and create Tech Bloc, a grassroots, tech- and urban-centric movement that has rapidly grown since launch in May of this year. Tech Bloc's focus is to help build a San Antonio that can compete for the next generation of technology jobs and talent needed to grow a robust local economy in the coming decades. As a dad, David has a passion for a San Antonio where his and our children can build their lives while enjoying world-leading opportunities for careers as technology developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

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Why Cities are Competing for Top Tech Talent

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2015

David Heard is sadly accustomed to his technologist friends moving away from San Antonio. The tech scene is too small, they say. The landscape is too suburban. Is our city just going to be a nice place to retire? Or can San Antonio become a place young, educated, highly coveted professionals aspire to live in, the kind of place where the world’s talent decides to build their careers? To do this, he believes we must fight out fierce competition from other cities and attract top tech talent. To understand why tech talent is the key to a strong future, David Heard outlines how technology and tech jobs are fundamentally transforming cities and their economies.
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San Antonio @ Majestic Theatre
Dec 01, 2015