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David Giessen

Repurposed Retiree in Chewelah United States

I mostly draw colored pencil Portraitures , that is Portraits with Caricature bodies. My passion is using a GOD given gift to reflect the grace given to share with others and to bring out the essence of each individual rendered. I have always been fascinated with faces and the unique spirit each has been given. My grampa ,who was silver smith, encouraged me to draw the models from the Breck shampoo ads often seen in magazines. When i am satisfied with the likeness i then can add a cartoon theme, usually composed of favorite things, Bible verses, sayings, pets,etc:.

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Dave's Caricatures of the Locals

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 13, 2019

David Giessen shows his amazing talent of drawing local Chewelah people that are readily recognizable with his caricatures.