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David Douglas

Senior Lecturer, Central Washington University in Ellensburg United States

David is a passionate person who is truly following his dreams. At 28 years old he was on the streets of Tacoma. With no place to go but up he started on a path that has given him amazing success in many ways. Over 20 years later he has forged a path to success, and, he is not done yet. He is a Master's level Senior Lecturer at CWU and is highly involved in all things related to helping students achieve success in their lives while at CWU and beyond. David is near completion of a doctoral degree in educational leadership and management. In the Ellensburg community he is involved in efforts to help find pathways to recovery for those with a substance use disorder through his work with the Ellensburg School Districts efforts to enhance support at the alternative high school and beyond. As a person in long term recovery, a researcher in the field of substance use disorders, and, an advocate for forging holistic paths to recovery, David is determined to ensure all who need it, find a way to recovery that works for them.

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Recovery transitions

@ VOL 16 ON JAN 18, 2019

David's presentation started with honoring his mothers life.  David's mom recently passed and he wanted to ensure the world knew how amazing a woman she was in her life.    David's talk transitioned into a history of his own life from being a young boy with hopes and dreams, all the way to being on the streets in his late 20's with no hope and dreams lost. His presentation followed his path to being a person in long term recovery from a substance use disorder through having access to support from multiple entities along the way. David's story was highly impactful in helping attendees see a real life example of recovery in action for himself, others in his family, and many around the world! 

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Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Jan 18, 2019