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Dave Mazierski

Medical Illustrator / Professor / Vertebrate Palaeontologist , University of Toronto in Toronto Canada

Dave is a medical illustrator, associate professor and part-time vertebrate palaeontologist in the Biomedical Communications graduate program at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. His research interests are the history of anatomical illustration and the evolution of early vertebrate terrestrial life.

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What Colour is Your Blood?

@ VOL 32 ON JAN 20, 2015

Colour plays many roles in medical and anatomical illustration: representational and symbolic, qualitative and quantitative, diagnostic and aesthetic. While some colour choices may seem obvious (such as red to represent blood), there is much more history, nuance and interpretation than meets the eye. Amongst other topics, Dave Mazierski presented the five different colours of blood, the wheel of urine, and the truth behind the real and imagined colours of our inner and outer anatomy.

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Jan 20, 2015