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Danny Walton

Journalist , Aberdeen Publishing in Penticton Canada

I take my camera into the fourth-dimension and transmutate the most colourful movements into two-dimensional canvases.

To show the effects that duration has on my subjects, each still image is produced by absorbing and imprinting several wrinkles in time.

Years of experimentation were only leading to mediocre results. But after a few epiphanies, I was finally began to identify as an artist in my mid-20s – and it took a ton of trial and error before I found his brand of beauty.

During was a starry night in the beginning of 2014, my camera managed to capture more stars in the Milky Way than I could see with my eyes. With just a little bit of colour editing, I turned outer space to a type of navy blue while it was contrasted again the glowing white stars, and it reminded me of some magical childhood memories. I came to realize I created a picture of the stars that looked better than real life. It was like I connected to a parallel universe; one that was way more vibrant.

Beauty is easy to find when we’re in creative environments and surrounded by attractive subjects, and I use my camera to try savour all of this fleeting love – but I spend more time looking for extravagance in the mundane. I find it captivating when our living rooms, beaches and sidewalks look extra terrestrial.

I moved to British Columbia from Ontario because to be in the mountains where I find the most inspiration, and nowhere else do they offer the crazy mix of that you can find at these hippie music festivals. But whether it’s massive laser at Shambhala or cheap rainbow flashlight from the dollar store, the lighting effects in each photo are all produced live. And from a two-dimensional reality, I want these fourth-dimensional productions to seem divine.

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With Whimsy and Grace

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

With whimsy and grace, Danny Walton weaves us through his artist philosophy as mystically as the art it produces. Featuring local and personal photography, Danny invites us to enjoy the wonder and inspiration creativity can bring to conventional photography, as well as the potential of what straying from the conventional can produce.

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Penticton @ Cannery Brewing
Sep 08, 2016