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Danny Flynn

Amateur dog-themed micro-comedian/Maker/Bartender in Toronto Canada

Danny is a lover of comedy and dogs, so it came as no surprise when he started a project involving the two. He uses social media to share stories of his encounters with Toronto's dogs. Each story is carefully designed on his smartphone, usually during a slow period at whatever cafe or bar he is working at.

In addition to his DogBlog, Danny has been deeply entrenched in the Toronto food service industry for five years. Recently, he has been involved with a project where he brings digital fabrication machines to parties, bars and large public events. In a public forum, he executes engaging, interactive programs to involve attendees in unique design projects with a heavy emphasis on social interaction.

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Dog Story

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

A couple of years ago, Danny Flynn became disheartened by our generation's uninspired use of photo-centric social media. He didn't think that people were exploring the comedic potential of instagram. He is enthusiastic about Toronto's dogs and their stories, so he started an instagram project.

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Toronto @ Design Within Reach
Jan 21, 2014