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Dan Terpstra

Photographer, Terpstra Photography in Grand Rapids United States

With roots in music and graphic design, as well as leadership in a large corporate chain, Dan now makes a living as an energetic photographer. He casts a wide net with his photography, ranging from couples on their wedding days and seniors who want to look natural and comfortable, to corporations looking for polish and perfection. Joining with his older brother, Rob, two years ago in the PechaKucha Night, Grand Rapids organization has lead to motivate, inspire, enrich, and diversify Dan's life as he has spearheaded all things technology- and design-related through the first five volumes, as well as sharing the emcee role. Now with his wife Michele at his side, possibilities are limitless!

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The Korean Spa Experience

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2016

Dan & Michele Terpstra are the curators and co-organizers of Pecha Kucha Grand Rapids in Michigan.  In 2013 they traveled to Korea for a life-changing trip.  Here's one of the more absurd experiences they had in Seoul as Dan tried out the Asian spa experience!  Shortly after, they became engaged and were married and have since travelled to Italy, Peru, the UK, Belgium, France, Utah, the Smokey Mountains, and much more.
Michele demonstrated as Dan spoke so keep an eye on YouTube for the true experience!

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20 Random Slides (PKGRv5)

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 30, 2012

The first official "20 Random Slides" features the passing of the batton from David Foster as curator and city manager of PKGR to Dan Terpstra when David created slides that were a mystery before it began.  Now we are over 10 more "20RS" all created by co-organizer Michele Terpstra but this is where it all began!

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Grand Rapids @ San Chez Cafe
Feb 02, 2016

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Grand Rapids @ San Chez Cafe
Sep 15, 2015

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Grand Rapids @ San Chez Cafe
Nov 06, 2013