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Dan De Leon

Pastor, Friends Congregational Church in Bryan United States

Pastor of an Open & Affirming, progressive Christian church in College Station, Texas (otherwise known as Aggieland, in which this Longhorn is a resident alien) since 2005. Writer and sermonizer. Reader in the Bill Hicks sense. Owner of a milk crate of vinyl ranging from Blondie to KISS to Loretta Lynn to Pizicatto Five to the "Friday the 13th" Soundtrack. Strummer of guitar, plucker of electric bass, thumper of upright bass. Madly in love with a world that resembles Jesus’ utopian vision. Above all, partner to an amazing spouse, and parent to an incredible son and an uncanny daughter (Marvel Comics descriptors used purposefully).

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Not Just an Hour on Sunday

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 02, 2015

A pastor's work is never finished. With the socio-religious landscape being altered dramatically by falling church attendance, the rise of social media, and one's faith and spirituality no longer being determined by an hour of worship on a Sunday morning, the demands of pastoral ministry are more complex than ever. Reflecting on ten years of ministry, Dan De Leon gives a glimpse into his experiences as a pastor with hopes of dispelling the myth that ministers only work for an hour on Sundays.

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Bryan @ SEAD Gallery
Jun 02, 2015