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Cowper Wang

in Taipei city Taiwan

dosomething studio 創辦人/ 創意總監 / 新媒體藝術家 / 策展人 / 騰訊CDC顧問
Cowper Wang is a renowned new media artist who was born in 1978. Despite graduating from the department of fine art of HuaFan University with a BA in Chinese Painting, his preferred artistic medium is new media art. He specializes in interactive program, moving images and 3D animation. His works investigates social issues and he shows his research through interactive digital art works.

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@ VOL 40 ON AUG 31, 2019

2008年創立dosomething studio工作室,以藝術總監身份帶領團隊執行台灣金鐘獎、金曲獎、金馬獎典禮視覺包裝,擅長將錄像藝術作品融入於商業空間中,有很多結合商業跨界的展覽經驗,作品曾受邀到許多國家展出。

曾經擔任策展人策劃 Super Fake數位藝術展、台北當代藝術館末未2013展、小花計畫展

dosomething studio團隊曾參與展覽執行 2018台灣文博會主展館、2019齊柏林基金會見山特展、2019台灣文博會屏東館

作品曾得過Taipei Digital Art Festival(2014)、PromaxBDA Asia Best Sting, Gold Award(2017)、Red Dot Design Award(2017)、Golden Pin Design Award(2018)、Japan GOOD DESIGN AWARD(2018)

曾擔任 騰訊 設計顧問、臺北世界大學運動會品牌顧問、金點新秀獎數位多媒體類評審召集人、各項多媒體設計類評審


Wang is the founder and art director of dosomething studio since 2008. Under his direction, dosomething studio has designed award ceremonies of Golden Bell Award, Golden Melody Award and Golden Horse Award. The dosomething studio specializes in merging video installation with commercial interior space and has worked in collaboration with various institutes. For example, the main venue in Creative Expo Taiwan, 2018; “View Above Mountains Exhibition” in Chi Po-Lin Foundation, 2019; and Pingtung pavilion in Creative Expo Taiwan, 2019. Works of dosomething studio has been exhibited world widely. 

Furthermore, Wang has curated “Super Fake Digital Art Exhibition”, “World is over? 2013” in MOCA Taipei, and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone -- These Flowers. Musical Memory & Art Exhibition” in MOCA Taipei.  

His works have been awarded in Taipei Digital Art Festival, 2014; the Gold Award of PromaxBDA Asia Best Sting, 2017; Red Dot Design Award,2017; Golden Pin Design Award,2018; and Japan GOOD DESIGN AWARD, 2018.

Wang was design consultant for Tencent and brand consultant for Taipei 2017 Universiade, He is juror of numerous multimedia design competitions including Golden Pin Design Award.