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Colin Blake

Creative Director, Flavorman in Louisville United States

Colin Blake is the Creative Director for Flavorman, a beverage development company, and Moonshine University, an educational distillery. At Flavorman Colin developed a client education program to help new clients learn the ins and outs of beverage development and all things beverage related. And at Moonshine University he heads up programing and class development for classes that range from week-long intensive classes to day-long hands on experiences for bourbon enthusiasts. He is very tall and you won’t have trouble seeing him if you attend this event.

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Ignorance is Bliss, or Straight from the Beaver's Anus

@ VOL 15 ON APR 14, 2015

As the creative director of a beverage development company, Colin Blake explores what labels such as "All Natural" really mean, and how things like bugs are "all natural" and very much are used to flavor the foods we eat.

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Louisville @ Tim Faulkner Gallery
Apr 14, 2015