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Cliff Lazenby

in Portsmouth, NH

Were it 930 AD in Þingvellir, Iceland, Lloyd Clifton Lazenby may have tried to serve in the world’s first parliament. At the least, his beard would have been bushier and his coat of ‘natural insulation’ come in handy. As it turns out, Cliff grew up in Milford, NH and in 1984 AD made his first rokkferð to see Van Halen. During the decades since, Cliff has attended hundreds of rokkferðs and collected thousands of skrárs. Through stops at Harvard, years managing bands in Nýja Jórvík City and for the last couple decades in Portsmouth, music has remained the fulcrum around which Cliff’s existence falls into place.

Cliff’s yndisleg kona Stephanie suspects he may have strong strains of Icelandic DNA and was mildly concerned the Norse gods would not allow him to return from his Rokkferð til Iceland in 2016. But not even the reported threat of Hekla erupting would keep Cliff from his beloved dæturs Katy & Sophie and furry köttur George.

Cliff is on the Stjórn at 3S Artspace, and in January 2018 began serving the City of Portsmouth as Aðstoðarmaður Borgarstjóri.

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Rokkferð til Iceland með Vinum

@ VOL 32 ON FEB 15, 2018

Cliff Lazenby has been a fan of the San Francisco-based rock band, Thee Oh Sees, for years, but was long deprived of hearing them live. So when the band announced they would be headlining a 3 day music festival in Iceland of all wonderful places, Cliff made plans with some fellow music freak friends to embark on an Icelandic adventure.

Calamity strikes one week before scheduled to leave - the festival goes bankrupt! Cliff and his friends decided to go through with their plans, and instead experienced the trip of a lifetime.



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Portsmouth NH @ 3S Artspace
Feb 15, 2018