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Christinea Beane

Libation Liaison, The Black Abbey Brewing Co. , & Maker, Makes Cents Jewelry in Knoxville United States

Mostly know throughout the Knoxville beer community as the East Tennessee Representative for Black Abbey Brewing Company. But anyone who loves beer knows that half its magic lies within the community it creates; so while I love beer… what I love even more are people and their stories.
At any given time, you can find me selling beer and connecting people through my day job, or hunched over pennies and tools, making jewelry that shares unique stories.

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It All Makes Cents

@ VOL 25 ON NOV 16, 2017

Christinea Beane was once accused of stepping over a dollar to pick up a penny. This was intended to be an insult, suggesting that she only cares about the little things, or things that do not matter to other people. However, Christinea saw this as an opportunity.
Christinea believes that a penny is a metaphor for everything in life, and like you, every penny has its story. That story should be heard. While she is connecting with people as a sales representative for a Nashville based brewery, Christinea is collecting stories as inspiration and for the jewelry that she creates.
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Knoxville @ Mill and Mine
Nov 16, 2017