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Christina Miller

in ELLENSBURG United States

Christina Miller is a mother of three boys, a farmer, an artist, and a local food advocate.

She and her husband started Green Bow Farm in Kittitas Valley 4 years ago with the desire to raise healthy animals, healthy pastures, all contributing to a healthy lifestyle and environment. Everything produced at the farm works in harmony to build soil biodiversity and in turn, delicious food.

Christina finds her role as a farmer to be most satisfying when she is educating her farm members and customers. Christina enjoys sharing her recipes showcasing local seasonal food and educating others on matters of sustainable agriculture. She is passionate about the many ways in which sustainable farms strive to be thoughtful caretakers of their land and animals.

- Painting by Rachel Marcotte, Farmer and Artist of an original photo by Audra Gaines Mulkern for The Female Farmer Project

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Harrow & Hive

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 19, 2016

Learn about the collective power of Harrow & Hive as Pyper Stever, Jennifer Hoyt, and Christina Miller share their passions for local, community and progressive issues and challenge Ellensburg  to stop saying, "You know what Ellensburg needs?" and start saying, "Do you know what we can do?"

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Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Feb 19, 2016