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Ching-Yang Ho

in Taipei city Taiwan

Band leader of Sodagreen / Co-Founder of Hua Shan Station
/ Chairman of Taiwan Creativity and Art Unlimited Association
/ Master in Public Administration of National Chengchi University

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Be a pioneer for the next generation

@ VOL 40 ON AUG 31, 2019

2004年加入蘇打綠樂團,總共發行10張專輯、巡迴演唱會超過百場,足跡遍佈世界各主要大城市。2017年蘇打綠宣布休團,成立「華山站貨場」,於台北舉辦過兩年的大型親子樂園「達斯克樂園」,2018年帶領藝術團隊接下台北燈節,改變了傳統燈節的結構。九月份,推動「Wow Taiwan」計畫,將台灣藝術團隊推向紐約國際藝術殿堂。2019年,致力將「曙光祭-免廢收聽」音樂節發揚光大至全台巡迴。


Afu joined “Sodagreen” in 2004, which has released 10 albums, held more than 100 concerts, and left their footprints over the major cities around the world since then.

In 2017, after winning big at Golden Melody Awards, “Sodagreen” made an announcement to take a 3-year break. Meanwhile, Afu founded the “Hua-Shan Station”, which held a large scale parent-child event ,“ Darsk Kids Wonderland” in the last two years.

In 2018, Afu led the team to take over the Taipei Lantern Festival, and changed the traditional lantern festival thoroughly. In September of the year, Afu implemented an incubator program, “WOW Taiwan”, which helps introducing Taiwanese artists into the Museum of Modern Art(MoMA).

In 2019, Afu is dedicated to raise environmental awareness by making “Reborn Festival” to become a national tour.