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Ching-Fu Wang

in Taipei city Taiwan

Founder of Pinmo Design and Pinmo Pure Store. Former lecturer at NTUST and the Department of Applied Arts, FJCU.

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Paper Oriented Projects

@ VOL 40 ON AUG 31, 2019





I was born in 1975 in Kaohsiung. Raised in the South exposed to an abundance of sunshine and nature, I was this kid with wild imaginations and critical thinking. I was also a kid who played a lot outdoors but not quite keeping up with school works. Fortunately, my family gave me a lot of freedom to explore my potentials, so I got to decide for myself what to do next. My childhood background and experiences are what makes me who I am today.

My strength lies in creative thinking, topic instigation, and integrated visual design. I am still that kid with wild imaginations when it comes to designing or simply taking note of daily sensations as inspirations. As for project implementation, it is an intuitive process that unfolds naturally.

My project, Sun Tanning, was awarded the most influential design in Hong Kong Design Week. I was a guest speaker at TEDxKowloon in Hong Kong, and one of the panel judges for the Golden Pin Design Award and the Young Pin Design Award. I own four Pinmo Pure Stores in Taiwan where I introduce a series of paper oriented projects. Paper Lab, Plant Material Lab, and Sun Tanning Project are product lines for retail. I have also developed printing stores for small quantity printing.