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Cesc Grané

Character designer & Illustrator

Cesc Grané (Barcelona) is a digital character and illustrator whose iconography is inspired by Japanese aesthetics and art toys. His imaginary is inhabited by loads of simple characters through which he builds particular worlds and elaborates dreamy and positive stories.

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Spirited Figures

@ VOL 116 ON JUL 30, 2014

Graphic designer and character designer Cesc Grané speaks about his amazing creations inspired by Japanese aesthetics and myth. Cesc began by taking cues from yokai (old Japanese monsters and spirits) and putting his own unique spin on their appearance and how they are connected. He tells us how the ethos of Japan has inspired him daily, and recounts stories of his fantastical daydreams involving monsters, heroes, and mischievous creatures of all sorts.

"Presentation of the Day" on August 8, 2014. 

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jul 30, 2014