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Cecilia Macaulay

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The Law of Least Resistance

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

As the newness wears off the New Year, our willpower has wained, and we wonder how we flawed humans are going to turn our hopes into reality. Permaculture designer Cecilia Macaulay has good news, learnt from her passive self-watering balcony garden. Water doesn't just go down. It only goes where it wants to, thats true. Yet you can influence water to go almost anywhere, anytime. All by itself. With the same force-free design principles, maybe you can influence yourself to do almost anything.

This presentation shows you how you can get an edible balcony garden to water itself, using 2000-year-old desert technology, by going with, not against, our all-to-human human nature.

Find out more about Cecilia's projects through her website and "Balcony of Dreams" blog

パーマカルチャーデザイナーでいらっしゃるセシリア・ マッコーリーさんがオーストラリアからの来日中に自然と共存している生活様式についてプレゼンテーションしてくださいました。

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jan 23, 2013