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Carolyn Black

Flow Contemporary Arts in Gloucester United Kingdom

Carolyn has an MA in Fine Art from Cardiff UWIC and comes from a printmaking and video installation background. Around 2001, as a member of an artist-led group in Bristol, she began to initiate, deliver and produce scattered-site art projects in public spaces. In 2012 she set up Flow Contemporary Arts, connecting people and places to show work in unusual locations.

Last year she turned full circle, by returning to her studio practice. She created several metre-wide panoramic drawings of the Severn, seen from both sides, resulting in a collection of works and (almost) a book about the river. Now exploring the potential of 360 degree film as an art-form, she is keen to work with performers and choreographers to experiment and play ‘in the round’. If this appeals to you, get in touch. She lives in the Forest of Dean.
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Gloucester @ Dr Fosters Bar
Mar 28, 2018