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Caroline Clark

Life Coach in Bedford United Kingdom

I'm unashamedly interested in my own and other people's happiness, and am on a mission to get the good people of Bedford into happiness action through talks, workshops and coaching. I have come to affiliating late in life, and am now part of all kinds of local organisations and groups - Samaritans, Toastmasters, Bedford Harriers, Bedford Film Festival, TEDx, and various networking groups.

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Life Lessons from Running

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

Caroline is a runner. It hasn't alwasy been this way and she shows us her journey to becoming a runner through a series of life lessons that apply to us all. Don't listen to that little voice that says you can't do it, she urges, "it's a liar."

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Bedford @ The Place Theatre
Dec 04, 2014