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Burt Chojnowski

Managing Partner, BrainBelt Consulting, Inc. in Fairfield United States

Burt Chojnowski is a rural renaissance man. He is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He is an award-winning filmmaker, speaker and serial entrepreneur for forty years.

Burt is manager of the Linked-in Economic Gardening Group and was one of the original members of Linked-in, the fast growing network for professionals in the world. Burt has helped raise over $80 million for Fairfield Iowa-based. He also organizes Boot Camps for Entrepreneurs including programs focused on the arts, food and digital media.

In his article, Turning Fairfield, Iowa into a Rural Renaissance City, Burt has created worldwide attention on Fairfield and Iowa since its publication in the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Journal last month. He is the editor of the Fairfield Edge magazine that profiles over 40 companies and organizations and describes the competitive advantages of market changing companies in rural Iowa.

Burt has hosted the National Rural Entrepreneurial Gathering, now called the FRED conference, a showcase for entrepreneurial development system practice in Fairfield and is a national expert and presenter on grassroots, bootstrapping economic development strategies involving asset quilting and economic gardening.

Burt leads or sits on numerous non-profit boards including Fairfield First Fund, Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association, Community Vitality Center and Iowa Community Capital.

Burt’s documentary Kora, about the most sacred mountain in the Himalayas, won awards for Best Documentary and Best Music at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival in Des Moines recently. Kora was also a nominee for Best Iowa Film. Burt is an award winning inspirational and humorist speaker and has given hundreds of keynotes from Alaska to Georgia. He is currently in production on two documentary films, TirthRaj and Fairfield and has an active YouTube channel: CoolBurt

In order to fund his filmmaking habit, Burt started the Iowa heirloom popcorn company, Chief Appanoose Popcorn. When he was nineteen, Burt started the first natural food restaurant in the Midwest and was on the team that created Maharishi International University and moved it to Iowa in 1974. One of his great accomplishments may have been when he won a white ribbon at the 2010 Iowa State during the cow-chip toss (turd place).

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Oct 18, 2013