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Brittany Yoes

Mental Health Advocate in Baton Rouge United States

Brittany Yoes was born and raised in Baton Rouge, along with two older sisters and a younger brother. After high school, she moved to Knoxville for a change of scenery. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tennessee with a major in English, Brittany moved back to Baton Rouge where she attended LSU Law School. She hated almost every minute of law school, except, of course, that summer spent studying in Lyon, France. Despite her lackluster concern for the more academically-oriented aspects of law school, she graduated in 2007. Then, after passing the bar, she stumbled into a position with a state agency representing an at-risk population and instantly fell in love with the job. She has been an attorney with the Mental Health Advocacy Service for ten years now.  Since working for this agency, Brittany has represented both adults and children in legal matters concerning the rights of these patients, who risk involuntary treatment, or full-scale psychiatric commitment.  In other words, she spends a lot of her professional time in psychiatric hospitals, mental health facilities and courts. Since 2011, her work has led Brittany to develop an expertise in the field of juvenile mental health law.  In this capacity, she represents young people who face judicial commitments, or whose mental health conditions impact their legal lives in delinquency courts, or in cases involving allegations of abuse or neglect. Anytime a young person faces possible commitment or burdensome and involuntary mental health treatment, Brittany’s skills are called upon. Brittany has been appointed by the governor’s office to serve on a state task force charged with the development of standards by which young people are held after they have been placed in state custody.

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A Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Fear

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 27, 2017

The portrayal of insane asylums and their patients seems to be a favorite trope for suspense and horror films. Brittany Yoes have spent a lot of time behind locked doors in psychiatric hospitals and alone in rooms with patients who are often perceived as dangerous. Listen as she shares with you a real American horror story.

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Baton Rouge @ MidCity Ballroom
Oct 27, 2017