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Brianne Fick

Marketing & Innovation Advisor in Christchurch New Zealand

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Gender bias and technology

@ VOL 37 ON SEP 19, 2018

Brianne Fick is a multipotentialite who moved to New Zealand three years ago. With a foundation in marketing and design, Bree understands the severity and risks associated with uninhibited media. At some point between her 8 years in the national Canadian youth military program, and her 4 years studying for an undergrad degree in secondary education, Bree decided to dedicate her talents to inspiring the creation of a more beautiful world. Although she enjoyed the taste of an academic life, Bree set sails for New Zealand and plunged her hands into the soil of entrepreneurship - where she discovered the potential that exists with the merging of sweat, software and local food. From there she realised that she could combine her military, marketing, and entrepreneurship experiences with education. She now creates and facilitates programs to share these skills with adults who opt-in to participate in creating the future that we all hope is possible.

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Christchurch @ Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre
Sep 19, 2018