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Brian Bennett

Freelance Fundraiser in Cambridge United Kingdom

I started my career in ‘high technology’, business-to-business marketing. I designed-in, custom silicon products to 'blue chip' telecoms companies based in Europe, USA and the Far East.

In 1989 , whilst working for Texas Instruments (TI) in Bedford, I was recognised as the European Marketing Person of the Year, which led to my being offered an ex-pat assignment at TI’s headquarters division in Dallas, Texas, with responsibility for leveraging TI’s European and Far East Alliance partner relationships. While there I was awarded the 1994 'Society of Excellence' Award for Marketing. Living and working in the USA gave me an understanding of, an appreciation for and confidence in global business principles and practice. I also became a widely-quoted spokesperson in the USA ‘high technology’ sector, establishing relationships with analyst communities and gaining the trust of technology media organisations.

Upon my return to the UK in 1997, I created a ‘virtual’ technology consulting business and established business relationships with technology ‘start up’ companies in the UK, successfully leveraging prior business skills and experience gained in this sector.

In 2003, a client introduced me to the not-for-profit sector, and I was challenged to identify and apply the ‘transferable skills’ that I had gained in the technology/marketing sector to pursue new opportunities. My relationship skills, in particular, proved to be a great match in the not-for-profit sector and I found myself able to leverage Donor relationships and expand fundraising opportunities.
I am a marketing and fundraising

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The Power of One

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 20, 2019

Brian Bennett is a freelance fundraiser who became inspired by the visionary man impressed upon him the need to help starving families in Uganda. By using ox-drawn ploughs, with just one acre per family, 30 families can plant beans and maize and start their respective journeys to becoming self-sufficient in food with enough left over to sell and store for future years.  

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Cambridge @ CUC Wine Bar
Mar 20, 2019