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Brett McCall

Better Than Unicorns in Asheville United States

Powerful creativity is born when we can imagine the possibilities from on-hand materials. In Brett’s world these materials include pop culture, media, technology, and entertainment. As a futurist, Brett is brought in to help corporations see what is coming in these areas so they can prepare programming, marketing, and the unimagined into their planning cycles early enough to be on time.

Brett is adept at traveling deep into the rabbit hole of technology or far out into the universe of the mind. Originally a computer scientist, Brett quickly turned toward world travelling religious philosophy and achieving World Champ status in Ultimate Frisbee. Since settling down in Black Mountain with his wife and three children, Brett has focused his attention on the art of stories in all their many shapes and sizes.

In the last ten years, Brett has been all of the following:
-Producer and Director of his documentary The World in One Beach
-Director of Design and Technology for HATCHAsheville
-Executive Director of TEDxAsheville
-Futurist to Turner Broadcasting via Native Marketing
-Game Designer as Sheepsknuckles
-Head Coach for the first Professional Ultimate Frisbee Team in Charlotte, NC
-Emcee at 5-Point Film Festival
-C-3PO at Spoken Word
-Currently as Creative Director for UGoTour

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Imagine the Impossible

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 15, 2017

Brett McCall explores the immersive experiences provided by modern virtual reality technology in 2017. Then the challenge for what the technology can do beyond today.

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Asheville @ The Grove House
Sep 15, 2017