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Bill Teeple

Artist, Impresario, Gallerist in Fairfield United States

Bill Teeple is the Founder and Artistic Director of Iowa Contemporary Art, a nonprofit art gallery and art educational facility in Fairfield Iowa. The gallery, founded in 2001, is known throughout the state and beyond as ICON. The gallery’s mission is to raise the level of art awareness in Iowa. Many of the top artists in the state have been featured at ICON.

Bill is a highly regarded teacher of drawing and painting and an accomplished artist, showing his small pencil drawings through his studio in Fairfield, Moberg Gallery in Des Moines and David Barnett Gallery in Milwaukee. He is the co-host of the weekly radio show ICON Art Radio on KRUU-FM.

Prior to opening his teaching studio in Fairfield in 1998 he participated in numerous projects aimed at the integration of art and life. During that time the intention of his work was to yield the aesthetic experience in the context of daily life. His major vehicle of expression in this period was gardening.

Bill’s PechaKucha presentation for PKN Fairfield Vol. 1 will be on The Garden Studio, a mythical ideal garden, studio, gallery, teaching space that lives in his head but longs to find manifestation in this world.

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The Garden Studio

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 02, 2013

Bill Teeple speaks about his love for the beauty of art and gardening. He hopes to combine his two passions and explore the possibilities in the art of gardening.  

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Fairfield @ ICON Gallery
Aug 02, 2013