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Bianca Donnelly

Fashion Educationalist and Social Entrepreneur in Brighton United Kingdom

Bianca is a budding social entrepreneur who runs ‘Great2create’: programmes in urban arts, design and fashion & textiles.
After spending nearly a decade working in newspapers/magazines, she diversified into education (lecturing at BCU, UCA and Northbrook MET) wrote a couple of books and ran pop-up workshops around the South East of England.
A devout follower of Sir Ken Robinson and his theories on creativity, she hopes to reduce school exclusions and provide solace for stressed-out parents and kids with no male role models.

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Nana Korobi Ya Oki: “Fall down seven times, get up eight…”

@ VOL 10 ON JUN 21, 2018

Bianca Donnelly talks about however hard life gets you should never give up, you will allways get through.

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Bexhill-on-Sea @ De La Warr Pavilion
Jun 21, 2018