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Betsey O'Brien

Writing Coach, Pen & Hand in Chicago United States

Betsey O’Brien introduces people to the health-boosting benefits of capturing their thoughts on paper a few times a week.

Emphasizing the value of journaling by hand as a means of aligning our ideas and experiences with our deepest needs, Betsey helps her students get the most from their personal writing. She offers group and private workshops for brand-new, never-written before folks, for freaked-out moms and dads, and those working their way through a painful breakup, career change or health crisis.

Before launching Pen & Hand, Betsey served a wide range of corporate and nonprofit clients as a strategist and writer with Desire Path Marketing. A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, mother of two and a longtime resident of Oak Park, Illinois, she is an active member of the Professional
Women’s Club of Chicago and 2016-17 president of West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs.

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Writing Like Hell

@ VOL 39 ON SEP 06, 2016

Betsey O'Brien had a life changing experience - and then set to work filling a suitcase with her journals.