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Barrie Barton

in Asheville United States

Barrie Barton is a speaking coach and lead facilitator of Stand and Deliver Asheville, a presence-based presentation and communication skills coaching firm for corporate professionals, organizations and entrepreneurs. Stand and Deliver Asheville combines Ms. Barton’s decades of experience as a facilitator, educator, director and performer to uniquely develop the art and skill of dynamic presentations and effective communication for all who participate.

Her teaching style combines her highly developed and insightful perspectives of body language, presentation mastery and adult learning methods with her talent and passion to motivate and encourage her clients to reach their finest potential. As a lifelong educator, Ms. Barton’s finely tuned capacity to organize learning, results in an embodied experience of success and lasting results.

Barrie also serves as Artistic Director of Story Choreography Projects (formerly Community Choreography Projects). Her work connects community to the artistic and expressive process of personal stories and performance. She’s directed and produced 12 multi-media productions. Ms. Barton holds a BA in Dance from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Masters of Arts Education from Vermont College. She taught for over 22 years as a Dance Educator in the Buncombe County School System.

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Stitching Stories Through Coreography

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 19, 2017

Stories are written and spoken, but Story Choreographer, Barrie Barton takes stories to the stage. In her presentation, she shares how community members, age 25-70 go spelunking for personal stories and movements around a specific theme and then co-create a performance piece- including choreography and spoken word.

Her presentation reveals the creativity, compassion and courage and ultimate liberation kindled through this process. Barrie reveals participant’s poignant stories from a lifetime secret to a recovering heroine addict. The stories cover the full spectrum of the human condition.

Through telling our stories, "We are seen and heard. We Belong. We are not alone. We a part of a much larger story."

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Asheville @ The Grove House
Dec 01, 2017

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Asheville @ The Grove House
May 19, 2017