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Barbara Steppe

Doula, FreeSpirit Birth in Knoxville United States

Barb Steppe here, mom, wife, farmer...and doula! Eighteen years ago I became a nurse and during a prenatal visit was invited to work at one of Tennessee's oldest freestanding birth centers with a group of midwives who turned me on to birth work. That's all she wrote, so to speak, and I was hooked on journeying with women during one of life's greatest transitions - pregnancy and birth. 800 something births, five children of my own and a myriad of experiences later, here I am: doula and apprentice midwife! Working with women, I've learned so much about life; living life, I've learned so much about women....I take all of that and whole lot of energy spent investigating, learning and discovering and I've put together what I believe it takes for a doula to truly be With Woman.

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A Sherpa for Your Birth

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 11, 2016

In this presentation, Barbara Steppe explores the world's oldest profession! Not that one...the other oldest profession - helping women to birth their babies. And that is a doula: a woman who provides emotional and physical support to a mother in her childbearing year. FreeSpirit Birth is the name of her doula practice and her intention is to awaken her community - one with a less than desirable set of birth statistics - to a very simple, tried & true way to improve birth outcomes and emotional satisfaction.

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Knoxville @ Mill and Mine
Aug 16, 2018

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Knoxville @ The Bijou Theatre
Feb 11, 2016