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Barb Steppe

Doula Agency Owner, FreeSpirit Birth Doulas & Lactation in Knoxville United States

21 years ago a midwife turned to me during a routine examine and inquired, "Are you looking for a job?" That midwife was Jill Alliman at Women's Wellness in Madisonville...and that was the beginning of the greatest, most satisfying career.
As the freestanding birth centers in East TN began to fold under pressures, I decided it was time the women in Knoxville had a one stop shop for all things fertility, pregnancy, birth, lactation and postpartum. Nearly fours years later, I've pulled together the talents of women in the Knoxville area to provide just those services- preconception planning, education, mentoring, labor and postpartum support, lactation and more to the women in Knoxville birthing our next generation. FreeSpirit Birth is not just our name - it's our philosophy as Knoxville's most comprehensive stop during your childbearing year.

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Never Climb Everest Without a Sherpa

@ VOL 28 ON AUG 16, 2018

While working as a nurse in East TN’s two freestanding birth center, Barb Steppe noticed a need for women to have a greater sense of community in their childbearing years. 1,100 births, thousands of families and 7 other amazing women joining energies, Barb has created Knoxville’s one-stop agency for all things pregnancy and parenting.