Bao Bin

Designer, Driller Doing Communications in Shenzhen China

Art Director of Driller Doing Communications(D.D.C)
Standing director of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association

Some design works have ever rewarded in many International events such as Red dot design award, Warsaw International Poster Biennale, Hong Kong International Poster Triennial etc. and been recorded and published in the Yearbook at home and abroad. Founded in 2004, Driller Doing Communications was specifically designated as the Visual Design Partner in Guangzhou Design Week.

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Micro Explosion of the Mind

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 18, 2013

Art Director Bao Bin talks about how a limited budget and limitless demands from clients require designers to be able to brain storm and respond very quickly. This resulted in what he called the “Micro Explosion of Mind”. Here he will show us his way of triggering this ‘explosion’ through his thinking and design for Society and Landscape project.

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Shenzhen @ Book City Center
May 18, 2013